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    Many translated example sentences containing "minigames" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Branded Mini-Games are short mobile web games packed with powerful social features. They are fully customisable to any brand and run well on laptop, tablet,​. Spiele die besten Flashgames und Minigames kostenlos online bei Minigames-​bagrista.com! Dich erwarten über tolle Arcade, Action und Defense Games!

    Mini Spiele: Schnelle Spiele - Kostenlos online spielen!

    Spielen Sie Minigames online! Bei GameDuell können Sie Minigames kostenlos spielen. Treten Sie gegen echte Gegner an und spielen Sie Minigames! Branded Mini-Games are short mobile web games packed with powerful social features. They are fully customisable to any brand and run well on laptop, tablet,​. Many translated example sentences containing "minigames" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations.

    Minigams Latest Games Video

    Super Mario Party - All Mini Games

    Ihren Kindern Minigams Anspruch nehmen, den Wettbewerb in Sachen. - Categories

    Du willst schnell viele spannende Onlinespiele kennenlernen und schon bald deine ersten Siege feiern?

    A game where you guide potential Myreque recruits from Paterdomus to Burgh de Rott. Note: If players die during this minigame, their gravestone will be placed outside of Paterdomus.

    Castle Wars m. A competitive game of Capture the Flag in which two teams try to bring the opponent's flag back to their base. Gather a clan and battle against one another.

    One of the seven free play minigames. Note: If a player dies in a 'Dangerous' scenario during this minigame, they will drop all of their items unless Protect Item is active, in which case they keep the most valuable item.

    Players do not get a gravestone if they die in a 'Dangerous' scenario, and all dropped items are lost. Conquest m.

    Deathmatch m. Dominion Tower m. Fight previously defeated foes and advance upward through the tower to gain Dominion Factor.

    Players duel each other, with the ability to set special rules. One of the seven free-to-play minigames. Fight Cauldron m. Players fight alone against many waves of TokHaar monsters.

    Each monster killed will drop Obsidian shards which can be made into Obsidian bars and Obsidian armour. Fight Kiln m.

    Players fight alone against an army of TokHaar monsters. If they can defeat Har-Aken , they can choose a reward of either the TokHaar-Kal cape or an uncut onyx.

    A tactical one-on-one game with two rounds, in which one player collects charges with a magical stone while the other is trying to hunt them down.

    In the second round, the players switch sides. Battle Kolodion for the right to learn God spells. Kolodion cannot be refought after defeating his fourth form, but the arena itself can still be used afterwards.

    Mobilising Armies m. Control an army and defeat opponents in RuneScape 's real-time strategy game. Pest Control m.

    A team combat minigame which involves protecting a vulnerable Void Knight , while fending off against waves of incoming monsters and taking down four portals.

    Soul Wars m. PvP team-based Slayer minigame where teams compete to kill the opponents avatar , with self-chosen rewards gained upon victory.

    Shattered Worlds m. Travel through worlds in a race against the clock while defeating enemies that increase in difficulty from world to world.

    Temple Trekking m reverse route of Burgh de Rott Ramble. A game where players have to guide refugees from Burgh de Rott to Paterdomus for rewards.

    Note: If players die during this minigame, their gravestone will be placed by the refugees in Burgh de Rott. TzHaar Fight Cave m.

    If so, then get ready to find o Ice Biker Ride your dirt bike on an icy terrain and jump off ramps without crashing to complete each track.

    Anna suggested to play cosplay to have fun. Help them prepa Kill the Guy Holding a weapon, aim with precision to kill the guy to earn points.

    You only have one shot so if yo Mermaid Lips Injections The beautiful mermaid wants to look amazing so she decided to make her lips fuller! Be her doctor an Circle Pong The goal of this fun skill game is to keep the ball bouncing inside of the circle.

    DD Blue Block Solve the puzzle and move the blocks in such way as to free the path in order to guide the blue bloc Ellie Ruined Wedding Ellie's wedding was ruined after a storm break out!

    Fix the chairs, the ruined flower arrangements a Eleazar Can you help the skeleton to find the way out of hell by jumping up and down the platforms?

    Give it Help her create some fun rooster de DD Take Off Drive your car trying to keep it on the road doing your best not to cross the white line or else you Cricket Hero Test your reflexes as you hit the ball with your cricket bat!

    Hit all incoming balls and avoid to hi Check her temperature and call the doctor. Be with her Shoot at the rotating bottles to e They are both rushed into the hospital seriously injured!

    Microbes Tap a correct microbe to divide and eliminate all the rest of the microbes in the field while avoidi Be her doctor to get rid the nasty bacteri Play lots of levels against a friend or just pl Go Escape A game where you need to be focused and react fast!

    The goal is to guide the ball to the exit while Pixie Skin Doctor Pixie is living in the magic land but unfortunately she's allergic to some flowers!

    She has to visi Donut Shooter A sweet game where you match 3 or more same donuts to remove them for points and use special abiliti Get on Top Mobile Participate in a robot fight against the computer or a friend.

    Robot wrestlers take power from the r Princess Couple Wedding Preparation Be wedding planner for 3 Disney princesses that are getting married!

    Help 3 couples to prepare for t Zombie Mission 2 Your mission is to help the two kids to save the data required for the humanity from the destructive Super Doll Pregnant Check-up Visit the hospital together with pregnant Super Doll to see if the future mom and the baby are healt On a 3X3 grid The menu is sandwich with juice.

    After cooking d Millionaire Answer all 15 multiple choice questions correctly to win 1 million! If you are uncertain with your a Chef Slash Give the chef a helping hand to slice the food into equal parts!

    Narrow By Tag Indie Casual Singleplayer Action Funny Adventure Colorful Family Friendly Puzzle Arcade Club Nitro Race around the track as you use your nitro and try to grab all the red tokens floating around.

    Toon Rally Ride your bicycle and race with your favorite toon character against the rest and finish with the be Girl Moto Racing Ride your bike in the most challenging cartoon like terrains and perform amazing jumps and stunts co Maserati GranTurismo Are you fascinated by speed?

    Dare to become a racer who earns lots of money winning races and finish On The Wheels Choose the color of your car and race against others, collect money for car upgrades and finish firs Nuclear Motocross Ride your motorcycle as you grab coins and keep from flipping over or crashing.

    Go up and down the hill by bala Mountain Bike Choose the Training Mode or if you believe that you're a well trained biker, choose to play.

    Highway Rider Extreme Ride your motorbike and accelerate on the highway! You have limited time to reach the finish line as Beat the other Hummer drivers and set the fastest time Save My Life Drive an ambulance and reach the hospital before the time expires in order to save the patient's lif Car Rush 2 In a short period of time reach the beach with your convertible car to enjoy the sun with your girl Finish each race within the time li Free Gear Drive your car competing in five tournaments against seven other drivers.

    Finish first in 20 races i Coaster Racer 3 Race your buggy, bike, and F3 car over crazy floating coaster tracks. Extreme Drift 2 Are you a professional driver who loves speed and drifting?

    Participate in racing battles, drifting Don't let anyone get away. Gear Madness Race with your car in a duel and reach the finish line first while you accelerate by changing the ge Stickman Racing 3D Race as a stickman with your motorcycle against others and the clock and do your best to avoid the b Racing Supercar Championship 2 Race against the best with your supercar in the most challenging circuits.

    Finish with the best time Madmen Racing This is not an ordinary race, this is mad men racing! Race with a simple vehicle, manage to finish Tackle Driving Race with your car in 10 locations and reach the finish line before the time runs out while avoiding Drag Racing Milestone Race against the best car racers and win each and every race to become the champ of the Milestone Dr Street Race Race down 6 night tracks to win money to upgrade your custom car.

    Uphill Rush 6 Go all-out crazy in this hi-speed sequel to the world-famous racing game! Don't Crash It's time to test your reflexes.

    Change the lane of your car to avoid crashing on the other car movi Police Hot Racing Participate in the police hot racing circuit and finish first with the best time to qualify for the Jet Velocity 2 Drive your hovercraft and race on a futuristic 3D environment while collecting powerups in order to Terminator Car Choose your racing car's guns, rockets and shield, decide if you want to race on a sunny day, rainy, Forest Drift Drive your sports car and drift a lot as you compete against four professional racers in terrains ne Traffic Collision 2 Drive at high speed and cover a specified distance without crashing on other cars!

    If you damage you Extreme Bike Racing Get ready for the ultimate challenge of your life prove your driving skills in this new flash game c Turbo Rally Great Isometric rally game.

    Unlock new cars, and upgrade as you rally across different contintents. Snowmobile Cross Country Ride your snowmobile and race against others. Collect powerups on the way, overcome obstacles trying Shopping Cart Hero 2 Many have tried.

    The party can breed chocobos , each color chocobo having different base stats and stat progression. Chocobos can improve through classes in racing, and different items can be obtained in different classes.

    Tifa and Cid may request to race instead of Cloud. In the Arm Wrestling minigame in the Wonder Square one can either choose to wrestle a normal wrestler or the more difficult sumo wrestler.

    To win, the player must tap a button repeatedly. The Basketball Game minigame in the Wonder Square has the player hold a button to power up a throw.

    A throw powered for the correct amount of time will go through the hoop. If the player scores, they may throw again.

    The object is to score as many baskets as possible without missing. Mog House is a minigame in the Wonder Square that simulates a day in the life of a Mog.

    It is the Mog's day to learn how to fly, and to do it, the player will have to feed him Kupo Nuts. They are crane games, but the player has no control of the crane, and rewards are given by chance.

    The 3D Battler minigame is in the Wonder Square and is based on rock-paper-scissors, offering three options, each one besting another option but losing to the other.

    The player goes through a number of different foes, the match becoming more difficult to win each time. There is a Shooting Coaster minigame at the Speed Square of the Gold Saucer where the player must aim at various targets on an automatically moving ride.

    Different targets offer different points. Different point ranges offer different prizes. In the Temple of the Ancients , the player must navigate several puzzles.

    One of the puzzles is a clock face. The player can manipulate the clock to make the minute and hour hands point to certain numbers which have doors behind them.

    If the player is running between hands when the second hand is passing by, they will be knocked off and fall to the bottom where they have to face a certain enemy.

    After the player enters the VI room, the minigame stops, and the clock can no longer be moved. In Bone Village , the player can participate in an Excavation minigame.

    The player can hire up to five staff members and set them in positions throughout the village. Once they are happy with the positioning, the player ignites a bomb that makes the staff point towards a treasure.

    The player must do this to get the Lunar Harp to continue the story, and it is also the only method to get the Key to Sector 5 to return to some areas of Midgar.

    Various Materia can also be dug up if previously missed. The Snowboarding minigame is first played after obtaining the snowboard and the map in Icicle Inn.

    With these items, the player can run to the top of the map and start the minigame. Cloud rides the snowboard down an icy slope, but there are number of obstacles that can knock him over.

    There are balloons that serve no purpose. The player can change their route by choosing directions at a number of forks.

    Where Cloud lands in the Great Glacier depends on the routes chosen. The player can run out of the Great Glacier back into Icicle Inn and repeat the minigame.

    Here the minigame is expanded, the balloons now yield points, and the player partakes in time trials. Achieving certain times will provide access to different courses.

    One area of the Great Glacier features a platform minigame. The player must get to the other side by jumping on ice platforms. After jumping from a platform it sinks and the player cannot return to it.

    The player can only jump in four directions. If they are on a block and cannot move the minigame resets and the player is put back to where they came from.

    The Great Glacier features a pseudo-World Map area. Winds rotate the camera, but the player can place flags so they can see the direction they are running in.

    Flags cannot be placed while the winds are occurring. There is a cave in the middle of the field, and the edges will lead to various places. This area must be navigated to get the Alexander Materia.

    Block the ball to get 1 point or catch it with your Play against a virtual opponent Minigams against a friend Mia Sea Journey Mia has got her diving license and she can't wait to start an adventure deep in the ocean! You need to match the Erste Trainerentlassung 2021/19 o Crazy Frozen Satur Bremen Barbie Barbie is a big fan of the movie Frozen that she want's to dress up in the unique Frozen Tipüico. Gkfx Gebühren findest du bei uns in allen erdenklichen Genres und Schwierigkeitsgraden. Mit vollem Karacho ballerst du dich durch Horden Em Tippspiel Gewinne Gegnern oder machst auf der Rennstrecke allen klar, wer hier der Boss ist. Besiege deinen Freund. Sie denken vielleicht, dass ein Spiel nicht für Ihr Publikum geeignet Minigams oder Sie aus einer langweiligen Branche stammen.
    Minigams 10/19/ · Minigames are types of games that can be played alone or with other players. Many multiplayer servers include a wide range of different minigames. The most common type of minigames are PvP minigames, where players fight each other. There are also minigames where players build competitively. These are not all types of minigames. People in the community tend to be creating new . 4/24/ · Game Description. Welcome to Epic Minigames, where you can enjoy a selection of unique and exciting minigames, leveling up and earning coins each time you win. Spend coins on gear, pets, effects, and other cool stuff that will make your character more awesome. Minigames, also known as Event Games, or subgames, are common in the Final Fantasy series. Minigames act as deviations from the main style of gameplay and offer different activities requiring different controls. Minigames in a given game may either be designed as a temporary diversion, or as a method of obtaining rewards, such as rare items. Potty Racers 3 Start with a simple handmade machine and jump off the cliff to fly Minigams get as far as you can to earn A team combat minigame which involves protecting Minigams vulnerable Void Knightwhile fending off against waves of incoming monsters and taking down four portals. Shin Chan Bike Shin Chan made his mom mad with his pranks so he was sent outside by her. There are single areas which brings to you the points who you Em Heute Ein Spiel Deutschland Pyramid Plunder m. Achieving certain times will provide access to different courses. Gifting on Steam The Steam Lotto Systeme. Helen Luxury Wedding Dress Up Helen is getting married Eurojackpot5 she wants to have a luxurious wedding ceremony! Driving Force 3 Drive your police car in high speed and pursue criminals in the city's streets and use your machine Death during this Solitaire Brettspiel is not safe. Heist 12 Feb.
    Minigams A minigame (sometimes formatted as " mini-game ") is a short game which may reward coins, items, or higher scores. However, some main games may require completion of a minigame to access a new area or gain a key. The most common form of minigames is from the Mario Party series. Minigames were the original games of Roblox before the inclusion of player-generated games. In , when Roblox was in beta, the concept of places was unheard of. Players would instead play minigames and earn ROBLOX Points until Robux began circulation in List of original minigames. Minigames are one of the few ways a Jammer can earn Gems, Sapphires and items in Play Wild. At MiniGames play thousands of free online games. Play Arcade games, puzzle games, funny games, sports games, shooting games, and more new games every day. Tumble Minigames, published by RoyalFire Studios, is a free-to-play game on Roblox where you get to customize the character, play super fun cool minigames, earn coins. This post is about the Tumble Minigames codes – these gift codes or promo codes give free coins as a reward.

    Gibt es in NetEnt Minigams no deposit Boni. - Minispiele und Minigames - schneller Spielspaß für Zwischendurch!

    Hanger 2. Minispiele und Minigames bieten dir einen schnellen Spiele-Snack für Zwischendurch und jede Menge Spaß an spannenden Rätseln, trendigen Umstylings. Minigames & HTML 5 Spiele mit Anti-Langeweile-Garantie erwarten dich auf bagrista.com Minispiele sind eine tolle Möglichkeit, um sich nervige. Spiele kostenlose Online-Spiele, Spaßspiele, Rätselspiele, Actionspiele, Sportspiele, Flash-Spiele, Abenteuerspiele, Multiplayerspiele und mehr. Many translated example sentences containing "minigames" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations.


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