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    Etoro Tutorial

    Самые низкие комиссии от 1,5/лот на ECN-счете. Кредитное плечо до Выгодные условия! eToro ermöglicht es Ihnen, in Aktien mit 0% Provision zu investieren, so dass Sie ein diversifiziertes Aktienportfolio aufbauen können, ohne Aufschlag, Ticketing. Während Anleger bei Ayondo und eToro eigene Konten eröffnen müssen, um die Strategien der Trader zu kopieren, können Anleger bei bagrista.com über.

    Was ist Social Trading und welche Anbieter gibt es?

    Uncover Global Investment Opportunities with Over 1, Assets. Your Capital is at Risk. eToro Tutorial. Demo-Konto Wenn Sie ein Konto auf eToro erstellen, müssen Sie eine gültige E-Mail-Adresse eingeben, da Sie die Rücksendenachricht. Более выпускников. Зарегистрируйся и пройди обучение бесплатно. 18+.

    Etoro Tutorial In this tutorial Video

    Etoro For Beginners - How to Trade on Etoro (Perfect for Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Commodities, ETFs)

    This video tutorial will guide you through the steps required to verify your eToro trading account. Verification is an important part of the registration process. Once your account is verified, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the eToro trading platform. Tutorial Center Get started on eToro Welcome to the eToro tutorial center. Inside you will find numerous video guides to help you through every step on the platform. Etoro is like no other trading platform, offering the ability to spy on and copy experienced and highly successful traders. Join etoro here: bagrista.com For the sake of the tutorial, let’s use Bitcoin (BTC). Clicking on BTC’s icon will take you to its dedicated page. As a social trading platform, eToro provides all the necessary information on Bitcoin, as well as a dedicated chat room where users can have discussions. eToro is the world’s leading social trading platform, offering a wide array of tools to invest in the capital markets. Create a portfolio with cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, ETFs and more. Top Instruments. In the last part of the eToro tutorial I want to impart a few more investment wisdoms that can help you achieve better results. Part 5: investment tips. Simply buying a share is not very difficult. It is often a matter of pressing a button and before you know it you are the proud owner of a Shell or Microsoft share. This action is the same for. 1/17/ · For the sake of the tutorial, let’s use Bitcoin (BTC). Clicking on BTC’s icon will take you to its dedicated page. As a social trading platform, eToro provides all the necessary information on Bitcoin, as well as a dedicated chat room where users can have discussions/ Etoro es una plataforma de trading muy popular, en este video te doy un tour básico sobre cómo usar etoro para principiantes, así que los novatos podrán cono. Wie alle Anbieter optimiert auch der Broker eToro (Europe) Ltd. sein Portfolio in regelmäßigen Intervallen, weshalb Händler im Prinzip nie auslernen und stets. Tipps für das Trading auf eToro. Wählen Sie Ihre Instrumente: Mögen Sie Aktien? Währungen? Vielleicht Bitcoin? Jede Anlageklasse hat ihre eigenen Vorteile. eToro Tutorial. Demo-Konto Wenn Sie ein Konto auf eToro erstellen, müssen Sie eine gültige E-Mail-Adresse eingeben, da Sie die Rücksendenachricht. Während Anleger bei Ayondo und eToro eigene Konten eröffnen müssen, um die Strategien der Trader zu kopieren, können Anleger bei bagrista.com über. October 7 min read. The list of currencies offered by eToro through Jetztspielen.De Poker CFDs is very wide. As you will notice, since the Rollovers interest are calculated on actual invested units, by increasing or decreasing the invested amount or used leverage, the interest will increase or decrease in turn. Of course, not all Der Fuchs Geht Rum follow Arrow Tag Düsseldorf market one on one. Always remember that the higher the multiplier, the greater the leverage applied to the operation will be and consequently the greater the risk too. Nach der Bestätigung ist der investierte Betrag unter dem Menüpunkt Portfolio aufgelistet und man kann alle Informationen zu getätigten oder offenen Trades wenn ein Auftrag platziert und der Einstiegspreis noch nicht erreicht wurde einsehen. Hier haben die Signalgeber die Möglichkeit, Status-Updates zu posten und in einer Art Profilbeschreibung die eigene Handelsstrategie zu erklären. Probieren Oliver Kahn Bayern uns einfach aus und überzeugen Sie sich selbst! Während Anleger bei Ayondo und eToro eigene Konten eröffnen müssen, um die Cs Go Nachfolger der Trader zu kopieren, können Anleger bei wikifolio.
    Etoro Tutorial It also indicates how much capital the trader could leverage each time he operates. It is always advisable to assess your trades. By far, the thing to be more careful about is the mode selection, which can be Real or Virtual Portfolio. The difference is that on the indices leverage is from x2 to x This form, at the top, shows the photo, the username and the real name of the trader in question, together with an indication of what was gained or Halloween Online as a percentage over the last three months. By clicking on the pie chart on the left you can see the Etoro Tutorial Gainer or Losers, i. Now, with the two values in hand, Tower Ludwigsburg understand how much the Backgammon Spielregeln percentage is, you can use a percentages calculator there are many on the internetor you can also do it on your own. To open your free demo account, you only need to fill in some basic Jackpot.De Coupon, such as your name, email address, password and phone number. The basic theoretical idea is Blackjack Online each underlying has Casino Hamburg daily movement range daily average oscillation. Within eToro's software, it is also possible to automatically manage your winnings and losses. Candlesticks Candlesticks can also help you make trading decisions. By pressing the Open Trade button, the Twin Saga Download opens directly within your account. The indices offered by eToro through its CFD are many, but certainly not all. When you Jackpot Amerika the Tetris K, you may Etoro Tutorial to make an initial deposit.

    If you think the trader is right for you, you can start following him. It is advisable to do this with a small amount of money in the beginning.

    If the results remain positive, you can slowly increase the amounts you invest. What is the maximum risk you want to take at eToro? Past performance is not an indication of future results.

    Would you like to invest with eToro? Then you must understand how stock trading works. In this part of the tutorial you will learn how to predict the price of a share yourself.

    Before you start investing in shares at eToro, it is important to remember that a share price is created by people like you and me.

    The stock market always balances out. The asking price on the stock market is the price at which the number of buyers and sellers are equal.

    When the number of buyers increases, the price increases. When the number of people who want to buy the share falls, the price drops. When you start investing in stocks, it is therefore important to consider what the average investor would do.

    In this part of the tutorial we take a quick look at how you can predict the price development of a stock. The first factor playing a major role in determining the price of a share is the general market condition.

    If the economy is doing well and investors are euphoric, prices can rise sharply. Extreme examples include the corona crisis in and the credit crisis in These are big events that have a huge impact on the economy.

    Many investors are amateurs and they quickly panic. In these kinds of situations, you see that people dump their shares en masse. The share prices can then suddenly fall enormously.

    For example, in the graph above, you can see how strongly the Dow Jones crashed after it became clear that the corona crisis was going to have a huge impact on the economy.

    After such a crash, you often see a smooth recovery. As a smart investor, you can benefit double from these situations.

    You can short sell shares on the sharp drop and at the same time buy shares at a discount. Of course, not all shares follow the market one on one.

    It is therefore also important to research the company behind the share. During the corona crisis, for example, you could see that some companies had a much tougher time than others.

    For example, companies that live off tourism are doing terribly. Planes are grounded and it is uncertain when it will be possible to fly anywhere.

    You can see the share price of Air France KLM during the first weeks of the corona crisis in this graph:. At the same time, you can see that some companies benefit greatly from this crisis.

    Netflix shares, for example, are doing very well. With more and more people stuck at home, people are looking for alternative forms of entertainment.

    In the chart below you can see that the corona crisis has been excellent for Netflix:. As an investor, it is therefore always important to keep your cool.

    Avoid taking emotional decisions and buy or sell shares based on proper analysis. In general it is wise to trade with the trend as much as possible.

    In the next part of this tutorial we will teach you how you can deal with the different market conditions. Before you open an investment, it is always advisable to examine the market conditions.

    You can examine market conditions on different timescales. When you are an active trader you look at shorter periods than if you are an investor for the long term.

    When you start investing, you may have to deal with three types of trends. The first type of trend is the uptrend. During an uptrend you can see that the price is mainly moving up.

    Of course, things don't always go well. Sometimes you see that a share is mainly falling. We are then talking about a downtrend.

    In some cases, there is indecision. We call this a consolidation. The share price then mainly fluctuates between two levels.

    It is important to time your trades well. Even in an uptrend, a share price won't just move up.

    An impulse up is always followed by a retracement down. And precisely in this downward movement it can be attractive to buy. Of course, you must be careful that the trend does not reverse.

    Nothing rises forever and good times are regularly interspersed with bad times. By using a stop loss, you prevent yourself from being stuck with a bad investment forever.

    You can achieve better investment results by always looking for confirmation. There are two strong factors that can help you time a position.

    A horizontal level is a price level at which the price of a stock regularly bounces off. When a horizontal level is touched more often without being broken, the strength of the level increases.

    When you start trading, it may be smart to look for these levels. Do you want to know how to do this? Read this article for more information about this subject.

    Candlesticks can also help you make trading decisions. Candlesticks provide a lot of information about the battle between buyers and sellers.

    When you learn how to read candlesticks, you will achieve better investment results. In our candlestick guide you read everything you need to know!

    We don't want to go into too many technical trading details in this concise eToro manual. Are you serious about trading the markets? Then it may be interesting to learn these advanced techniques and apply them to your investments at eToro.

    Use the button below to visit our technical analysis course:. The most important lesson I want to impart in this part of the tutorial is that it is important to pay attention to the trend.

    The saying the trend is your best friend exists for a reason. Investors who are aware of trends and who know how to respond to them achieve better results.

    The more technical investment methods are intended for active traders. If you mainly plan to buy shares for the long term, all you really have to do is examine the companies behind the shares.

    The exact timing in the long term is less important. In the last part of the eToro tutorial I want to impart a few more investment wisdoms that can help you achieve better results.

    Simply buying a share is not very difficult. It is often a matter of pressing a button and before you know it you are the proud owner of a Shell or Microsoft share.

    This action is the same for everyone. However, not all investors achieve the same result when they start using eToro. By following these final tips, you increase your chance of winning.

    It is important to invest according to a plan. Buying and selling shares indiscriminately is rarely a good strategy. If you want to do this, you would be better off going to a casino.

    When you gamble at the casino, you at least get a free drink or bite. Each plan is drawn up for a specific purpose.

    Making money as your only goal is not good enough. Conceive what results you expect to achieve with your investments at eToro.

    Decide how much money you want to invest and what return you want to achieve. With this data you can decide where your investment would best serve you.

    In any case, a good plan must contain clear rules. Consider the conditions under which you open an investment.

    For each open position it is also important to set clear rules for selling it again. At what price do you take your winnings?

    When does it become too risky and would it be better to close the position? By setting up these investment rules in advance, you avoid having to do this under pressure later.

    Next, it is important to evaluate your plan properly. Like an accountant, check your investments monthly. Keep track of how much you win or lose and see what mistakes you have made.

    Only by doing so critically and regularly you will become a better investor. Another important tip I would like to give you in this eToro tutorial is that it is important to control your emotions as much as possible.

    Many investors lose a fortune because they allow themselves to be guided by emotions far too much. They sometimes say that fear is a bad counsellor.

    When you start investing, this is absolutely true. Investors who do not overcome their fear leave loss-making positions open for too long, while cutting off profitable positions too early.

    Of course, it is not realistic to invest without emotions at all. Emotions are human and when you lose money it hurts.

    When you want to make a profit, you must learn to control your emotions. Do you want to know more about the influence of emotions on your investments?

    In this article you can read everything you need to know about this subject! Another common mistake among investors is that they do not dare to take losses.

    Leaving loss-making positions open can work well in the short term. After all, the chances of a loss-making position becoming profitable again within a few months' time are very high.

    But if a position unexpectedly takes a turn for the worse, you can lose everything with this strategy. Therefore, always think about the level at which you dare to take a loss.

    Novice investors avoid losses as much as possible, while professional investors embrace calculated losses. To what category do you want to belong?

    After reading this comprehensive eToro guide, you will know everything you need to start investing successfully.

    You now know how to buy shares within the WebTrader and you know what to look out for to be successful. Still, I must get real with you.

    After reading this tutorial you are certainly not an expert. You still have a lot to learn and always will.

    I would therefore advise you to keep practising. Even if you trade with thousands or tens of thousands at a given time, you can still learn.

    Strong investors are always curious. Did you not open a free demo account to practice yet? Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

    You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

    Cryptoassets are volatile instruments which can fluctuate widely in a very short timeframe and therefore are not appropriate for all investors.

    Other than via CFDs, trading cryptoassets is unregulated and therefore is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework.

    Comments powered by CComment. In this tutorial By clicking on the links, you navigate directly to the specific part in the tutorial: Part 1: eToro software : learn how to make your first investment.

    Part 2: Social trading : how do you make money by following other people? Part 3: stock exchange trading : how does stock trading work?

    Part 4: market conditions : when do you buy or sell a share? Part 5: Investment tips : these tips increase your chance of success.

    How can you open an account with eToro? You can practice for free with the unlimited demo. You can buy shares without commissions.

    You can open a demo in just 3 minutes. Part 1: eToro software In this part of the tutorial we will explain how you can open trades with the software of eToro.

    Active investing : how do you trade CFDs? Falling stock prices : how do you benefit from falling stock prices? Orders : how do you place an order with eToro?

    Deposit money : how can you deposit money with eToro? Balance management : How do you manage your investments?

    How do you buy a share at eToro? Tip: Managing your winnings and losses Within eToro's software, it is also possible to automatically manage your winnings and losses.

    Is buying shares really free? Apply leverage at eToro When you place an order, you can choose to use a leverage.

    Costs of trading with leverage When you trade with leverage, you borrow some of the money you need. How can you benefit from falling stock prices?

    If you want to benefit from a decreasing price, you should press the sell button in the order screen: When you open a sell position aka short position , you earn money when the price drops.

    How do you place an order with eToro? How can you deposit money with eToro? After you switched to a real money account you can press the deposit money button: Before you can deposit money, you must first verify your identity.

    Managing your investments At the bottom of the screen, you will always see your current account balance. The available credit is the amount you can still use to open investments.

    The total allocated is the amount you are using for your current trades. The profit indicates the result of your open trades.

    Basically, you have received everything you need to finally start investing in first person with eToro.

    Check out our Top 10 of the best Social Trading networks. In this course, however, we will talk also about another market, or better to say of another trading tool, the CFD or Contract For Difference.

    Today this broker offers an advanced Social Trading service especially after the launch of the eToro CopyPortfolios in currencies , but also commodities , indices , single shares of listed companies, and recently also Bitcoin.

    Opening an account means creating a personal trading account with the eToro Europe Ltd company and joining a community of traders and investors belonging to the same broker.

    EToro was founded in have a look at the wikipedia page as an alternative broker to the usual stereotypes of the Forex market, with the goal of making retail trading and speculative investment simple activities, for everyone.

    The first strategy aimed at achieving this goal was to create alternative trading platforms, such as the controversial Forex Marathon or the Globe Trader.

    On the wave of the explosion of social networks and Facebook in particular, eToro decides to launch its personal social network, used only by its customer: the OpenBook.

    The OpenBook allowed all investors to share information and , more important, operations and trading strategies. This way, beginners who do not know how, when and what to trade, could watch what was being done by others, being able to also discuss and ask for explanations.

    Soon, eToro also added a copy trading feature called precisely Copy Trader , with which one could replicate automatically and proportionately the operations made by those who once were called Gurus.

    EToro is the best choice for those interested in Social Trading as an opportunity to access information and knowledge of those more experienced traders and investors , in order to accelerate the learning curve, being also able to automatically replicate their operations.

    By using the OpenBook the investor finds himself to all effects within a social network focused on topics of trading, investment and finance.

    Being able to easily talk and deal with thousands of other traders, with this broker the investors will unlikely feel alone and abandoned , as sometimes happens with normal brokers after opening your trading account.

    Even though eToro, and Social Trading in general, have actually decreased the barriers dividing most part of beginners from trading and investment due to lack of knowledge and experience, we must not make the mistake of thinking that this is enough to be profitable.

    Opening an account with this broker is still a financial investment to all effects. The eToro platform, the way in which the user can manage his money, the transactions, the financial leverage and margins, are perhaps unique in their kind.

    Anyone who has had only trading experience with the famous MT4 will be a little confused a first contact with eToro.

    In this course we will explain in simple terms the particular style eToro uses to view and manage its Copy and Social Trading service , explaining the differences from the classical methods and the peculiarities.

    In Social Trading everything is open to everyone, everyone can have their say, everyone can share their thoughts and opinions on what happened and their theories about what will happen.

    But the real important thing , the only crucial to avoid to risk more than necessary is being able to have your own opinion based on clear data, statistics and performance.

    You may not be able to determine whether the Dow Jones is really about to make a reversal, but at least you will have to be able to determine whether those who think and say these things really knows their stuff.

    In other words, you have to be able to interpret the data and the performance of those that on the Dow Jones or on any other instrument, currency, stock, commodities have really invested and made trading, to see if they actually knows their stuff , and they are worthy of your trust.

    Not always comments or votes of other people are sufficient to determine if one is worthy or not, because those who vote or comment may be little or no expert on the subject, nevertheless their comments might influence you or even mislead you, making you take bad choices.

    When it comes to money, the key thing is to have a solid ground to make informed choices and avoid unnecessary or excessive risks. Social Trading and the community can help enormously in this process, but in the end it will be always you and only to make that decision and bear all the risks.

    Better to do it with the right foundation. This eToro course is the right place to start. You just need to go to that post, open you virtual account, set it up in a couple of clicks, and then come back here.

    Go now and read our eToro demo account guide. In this lesson, instead, we will focus on the characteristics of the eToro CFD , with which you can trade with Social Trading on the famous and eponymous platform.

    You can find the terms and conditions of all the CFDs treated by eToro at this link. CFDs on shares have as underlying asset the shares of publicly listed companies.

    Currently eToro allows to negotiate the main market stocks of:. The characteristics of the CFD on shares are very similar to those of the other underlyings, with some extra particularities.

    The broker eToro do not impose any fees. Its profit comes from the enlargement of the bid-ask spread.

    As you can see, for each underlying stock, the spread applied by eToro varies. The reason for these differences can be identified in:. As you can see from the example, the distance between bid and ask is increased.

    This simple widening of the spread allows eToro to gain from your trading, and you to be in the market with the benefits listed above. It is a hybrid of both conditions.

    Essentially, eToro has a brokerage policy for which it covers your CFD transactions with real positions on the real market, through markup operations.

    In practice, as you saw, eToro applies a spread higher than the actual underlying market, which allows it to profit from its brokerage business.

    Therefore, when you open a long position on the APPLE stock, eToro positions itself first in a long position, but on the underlying market i.

    Obviously all this is done in fractions of seconds. Understanding the logic behind the application of leverage will help you understand how to calculate profits and potential losses.

    This is the power of the CFD and of the ability to use leverage. From this, however, derives also possible risks if you do not know how to operate as a Social Trading professional.

    A negotiation can be closed within the day or be kept open for several days. In this last case, with the eToro CFD contract on shares, there is an overnight commission , variable depending on the underlying or whether you are long or short.

    The overnight commission is calculated at of New York. You can check the commissions values from their tables.

    Ultimately, if to close the position we would have taken three days, the final profit would have been:. Shares have the dividend variable, that is the profit distributed by the company to its shareholders.

    Operating with CFDs, actually you are not a shareholder of the company since you only have a contract that makes you gain or lose in relation to price fluctuations of the underlying.

    With the eToro CFDs, however, the dividend is actually distributed. If you are long on the CFD of a company when it decides to pay dividends, the dividend amount will be credited to your account in relation to the units covered with the investment.

    In order to be accredited to the receipt of dividends you must be long on that precise CFD by a certain time, i. In practice, if you had the order still open the day before at , you will receive your dividend.

    If instead you were a seller of the Apple CFDs with units equal to Although this thing might leave some doubt, you must also consider the fact that after a payment of dividends, the shares value of a company the next day usually drops down, as a simple matter of total economic value decreased.

    Therefore, the short order could easily gain some profit, while the long one could easily lose some. The CFDs on indices have for underlying the indices of the main trading venues, i.

    The calculation logic for the application of leverage and overnight commissions are the same of the shares. The difference is that on the indices leverage is from x2 to x CFDs on commodities are not so many.

    EToro currently limits its offer to gold, silver and oil. As for the CFD on the indices, permitted leverage goes from x2 to x and the calculations follow the same logic described in the CFDs on shares.

    The list of currencies offered by eToro through its CFDs is very wide. The leverage range from a minimum of x2 to a maximum of x The peculiarity you can find on currencies is that in some cases the overnight commissions can be positive.

    The value is multiplied by the units, dollars in this case, of value and divided for days, thus obtaining an amount of credit for each day of overnight.

    As you may have noticed, I have talked a lot about margin blocked on the account as collateral, but in the working examples with eToro I have not mentioned it at all.

    Simplifying the operation, obviously the result is obtained by multiplying your investment for the leverage value:. The greater the leverage, the more the margin requirement decreases.

    By its own choice, however, eToro does not talk in terms of margins , an issue that, as we have seen, would imply some reasoning and calculations.

    The eToro attempt is to make things easier for the inexperienced investors. EToro turns the margin blocked on the account as collateral into a capital taken off of the account and invested to finance the operation, thus giving the possibility to the less prepared investors to identify immediately what the extent of the amount invested in a single operation is, and the leverage applied.

    For many traders and investors used to the standard platforms this diversity can be a slight obstacle at the beginning. The important thing is to understand that the underlying calculations are always the same.

    We always talk of a broker that provides leverage and that obviously protects itself through the capital in your account. Of all the companies and brokers who in recent years have implemented technologies and tools to support novice investors, eToro is definitely the one that has invested the most in the social aspect.

    The Markets section , and all that until recently was called OpenBook, is the technology that eToro has developed to enable social interaction among users, joining all the investors of the community.

    To integrate the social activity with trading and investment, eToro is made up of several sections and sub-sections, ranging from the personal profile of a trader to that of the single underlying.

    With our course we will review them all, to provide the knowledge and tools to make proper assessments and to fully exploit the potential of eToro.

    To access it you just need to click Markets on the menu in your profile on the left. On the main page of the eToro Markets section you have access to all the underlying you can negotiate through this broker.

    In the Stock category of the eToro Markets Section you have access to all the available equity underlyings. Given that the eToro offer really focuses on Stock CFDs, and since they are many, this is where the Advanced search tool seen before, or the filter shown in the image above they are the same thing , become really useful.

    Selecting a specific sector or a specific stock market can see a list of all the underlying relative.

    As you can see from the image, the underlying assets are placed in a table with some columns, in detail:. Market : with the TICKER the share, that is the abbreviation of recognition, the company name and the logo of the same.

    Change : it shows the variation in percentage and in pips of the underlying price in relation to its reference price.

    By default it displays the change of the last day i. Sentiment : the percentage of eToro investors and traders who at that instant are positioned Long or Short, i.

    Bid and Ask : the two best prices for buying or selling the CFD. Clicking on them you will open the pop-up for the order entry. We will see this part in a dedicated lesson.

    Clicking on it you can add all the CFDs you want to your WatchList , so you can follow the progress of your favorite underlying directly from your profile, without having to come back here every time.

    The Currencies category is as shown in the image. As you can see, the columns are exactly the same as stock CFDs, with the same data reported.

    As with the other two, also for commodities you will land directly on the page that displays a list of all the negotiable underlyings, that in this case, at the moment, are only three, oil, gold and silver.

    I will not describe the characteristics of the columns, since the available data are the same I have already described for the stocks.

    The indices offered by eToro through its CFD are many, but certainly not all. Anyway, the major, the most important and most famous are all present.

    For more details on an underlying of your interest, being it currency, index, commodity or stock, just click on any of them to access the board of the single CFD what once was the OpenBook page of the underlying.

    This board of the underlyings products is a very interesting social tool. In addition to providing preliminary information on the nature of the instrument and giving you the opportunity to negotiate it, it offers you a view on how the eToro investors community is negotiating that instrument and who are the investors who are doing it.

    It may not seem, but they are all elements that, in constructing a diversified portfolio, can come in handy when you have to identify the popular investor that are right for you.

    Below, the structure of the board dedicated to the individual CFD is practically standard for all. It consists of two sub-pages: the Feed , which is always displayed first by default, and the Chart.

    The central part is dedicated to the Live Feed , a key element for real Social Trading. Here you can see all that has been said and done by the eToro community regarding that single underlying, the opening and closing of operations, the analyses and comments, all with the name of their authors.

    This way you can see if for the underlying of your interest there are professional investors who say or do things you may like, or that can direct and help you make better operational decisions.

    In short, real Social Trading activity within the community, in the true sense of the word. You can choose to display only the Top Feed , i. In the old version of eToro these types of charts were accessible only by the WebTrader, while in the OpenBook of the single CFD there was only a small chart on which it was impossible to work.

    With the new update of eToro now you have access from here to a real chart for studying, without the need to use those of the WebTrader. Then clicking on the button at the top right as shown in red you activate the Full Screen mode, as well as get access to all the tools of management, customization and studying that can be used on the chart marked in blue.

    From the Time Frame, to the chart type if linear or candle sticks or bars , to the studies and indicators, with these tools you can work on the chart in great depth if you are a professional trader of course.

    Being able to focus on only one item at a time, to study it in depth looking at the comments, advices and the views of different investors, can definitely be a very important point of strength for your journey of growth, not only in Social Trading, but in the world of financial investment in general.

    As you will discover in the next lessons, one of the main activities of a social trader is precisely the research, study and identification of the investors that may fit his risk profile and be suitable for his investment portfolio.

    Did you just realize in eToro there are a lot of useful data to be analyzed to see if the trader is really good and if he suits you?

    If instead you have already found some interesting traders, and you would like to study in deep his data and performance, then stay here.

    Finished this post you will be able to view the profile of any trader and ride with his data like a pro. All images are checked by eToro. Those wishing to join the Popular Investor program are required to provide a photo of their profile corresponding to their face.

    Next to the photo you can find the username and the real name of the trader, but the latter only in the case of a Popular Investor.

    These data also are used to uniquely identify the investor. It shows two values: the performance over the last three months big , the performance from the previous day small.

    These are two values with which you can get a first general idea of the trader. On the right of the upper block, as for the CFDs of the last lesson, are the two Follow and Copy buttons.

    With the Copy button instead you will open the pop-up screen to decide the amount to invest for following the operations and investments of that particular trader.

    We will also see this in a lesson apart, but let me anticipate that first of all you will need to begin by pay attention to the modality you are in, if Real or Virtual Portfolio you can select the mode from the left menu.

    In case you had not yet deposited the capital in your account and you were in real mode, it may not be a problem. In fact, after clicking Copy you will be advised you do not have sufficient funds.

    Social Trading may also mean follow his moves, his ideas, learn from what he does, and possibly manually copy his trades on our own account here you can understand the differences between Social and Copy Trading.

    To do all that you must add the trader to your WatchList. But before doing it, and begin to receive his feeds in your feed wall, you should examine the content, quality and frequency of his feeds.

    Traders of Popular Investors do not interact all in the same way. Some are more social than others, some give many details about their future moves, some respond accurately to every question, some instead are quieter.

    Using the drop down menu at the top you can decide whether to display only feeds relating to open or closed trades, of course provided with any comments by other investors.

    Otherwise you can only view the feeds in which the trader has been mentioned, in practice all the other feeds excluding the trades one, or only the Top Feed, selected according to eToro parameters, or all the feeds indiscriminately.

    Many, in the analysis phase, tend to underestimate this section, which instead can be very useful. We have repeatedly said that, ultimately, the real data of the performance is what you should rely on primarily, and that the social activities of the trader must always come after.

    The fact that it should come after, however, does not mean it cannot be useful and make you understand the big strengths or weaknesses of the trader.

    You may find traders that look very good in terms of performance, but that never justify their choices, even when they seem to have made mistakes.

    You might not like it. You may find others instead with less exciting performance, but always explaining their motives, always putting their face and not running away even when they are wrong, and this could give you a lot more satisfaction.

    Always in the Feed page, in the sidebar on the right, we find other modules with some additional data. Finally, in the last module, to facilitate the research and suggest you some possible variants, eToro offers you the Similar Traders , namely traders with similar characteristics to the one in question.

    Along with the next, the Portfolio, this is definitely one of the most important pages for the analysis and selection of popular traders or investors.

    In this section we find both the total annual performance, both the month-to-month. Formerly eToro was used to include within the performance even the profits earned for the copy trading activity, i.

    This created some large discrepancies with the results obtained by investors instead. The pressures of the community have led eToro to replace the modified Dietz formula used until then with a more transparent formula, and above all, more practical to highlight on the investors account only the performance deriving from trading.

    Indeed, the formula is right. Despite having an equity value at the end of the month higher than the beginning of the month, the result in terms of trading performance is 0.

    The Risk Score is a value ranging from 1 to 10, where 1 represents the lowest risk and 10 the highest risk. The risk in this case is represented by the volatility of the underlyings on which the trader operates, and the combination of these instruments within his portfolio.

    The basic theoretical idea is that each underlying has a daily movement range daily average oscillation. Scenarios like these are clearly very risky, and obviously the more the statistical average movement is big the more volatile, therefore dangerous, is the underlying.

    So, at a portfolio level, being at the same time long and short on the dollar, you will limit your risk exposure on that particular currency, reducing the overall risk of the portfolio.

    The eToro risk score, therefore, is a vote that is given both considering the specific instruments traded by the trader and the overall composition of his portfolio.

    The risk index is clearly very important, not only relatively to the underlying on which the investment is made and the interaction between them inside of your portfolio, but also and especially to the combination of leverage used.

    The following table shows how eToro considers the different levels of risk and what score it attributes them. For instance, a risk greater than 10 indicates a daily potential oscillation of the account, positive or negative, higher than the Drawdown is also a very important element for the evaluation of the potential operational risk of the trader in question, which is why we talk about it in detail during the next lesson.

    As mentioned above, the number of Copiers indicates how many eToro investors are investing real money on that trader, replicating his operations.

    In this case, however, you also have a chart that shows how this number evolved historically. Finding some sudden and massive losses of copiers can be an indication of non-stability of the trader, of inconstancy in the performance that sometimes worsens dramatically and all at once most of the time because the underlying strategy is a martingale or a averaging-down.

    It also indicates how much capital the trader could leverage each time he operates. In other words, considering the trader as a Fund Manager, we could say that this number shows how much money he has in his fund.

    These values identify definitely the popularity of the investor but, as I said before, are not necessarily index of talent.

    Under the Trading section are shown a series of statistical data on the performance of the trader. All data are really very useful, as they serve to understand the operational style of the investor you are considering to include in your people-based-portfolio.

    Not many, but they are all very significant. Profitable : percentage that identifies the amount of profitable operations over the total. Average Profit, Average Loss : always in proportion, the average size of gains and the average size of losses.

    With these values you can immediately realize if the trader on average in each transaction loses more or less of what he earns. As explained even in the Social Trading course, this value should be considered with the Profitable figure, to understand the true capacity of the trader to generate profit.

    Asset Bar : it graphically identifies the quantity, and the proportion between them, of assets with which the investor has worked.

    Frequently Traded : as the last item in this section eToro identifies three instruments on which the investor has worked the most the most frequently traded.

    Of these it shows:. Another interesting section, with very useful statistics to be able to make evaluations, is the Additional Statistics.

    There are indicated:. Trades per Week : how many operations the trader opens approximately every week.

    This data can give information on his trading style, especially if used in comparison with other values. Average Holding Time : how long an operation is kept open on average.

    Profitable Weeks : expressed as a percentage, it identifies the amount of weeks, on the total, he closed with a gain.

    The calculation considers the value of the account at the end of the week evaluating the value of open and closed transactions. If the value of the account is higher than the previous week, then it will be considered positive, on the contrary it will be considered negative.

    All the data we will now see can be set according to different time period, that are Current Profit, this week, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, selectable from a drop down menu at the beginning of page on the right.

    Selecting Current Profit you will observe the composition of the investment portfolio of the trader in that precise moment.

    Selecting instead 30 days, 3 months, etc, the result will be given by an average of that last period. Here you can see, for the period under review, how the trader was placed, in percentage terms, on the various assets, considering also liquidity money not invested he has maintained to deal with any negative situations or to invest more.

    The Performance option shows the percentage of profit or loss of the positions taken by the trader, divided by underlyings, relatively to the reference period, to have a graphical view of how many complementary instruments were used and how they were individually profitable.

    In the event of a trader who has invested in many assets you can find two arrows on the side to scroll right and left and view all the underlyings.

    It might seem a mistake but is actually a simple rounding of very small figures. As mentioned before, on time period different from Current Profit, the Available Balance is an average value.

    To access the Open Trades section you have to position the mouse on the Portfolio label and select it from the drop-down list.

    By default the view is set to Flat , which means displaying them in a simple general list. If the trader you are analyzing is using Copy Trading a lot, replicating transactions from other traders, with the Copy Trader view you can see all the transactions grouped by investor that generated them.

    Here is the list of the last closed transactions , in any case no later than 3 months. For example, if a trader operates with 10 targeted operations per month, in this section you will find only 30 operations visible.

    This is for sure one of the major deficiencies of eToro. Other companies ZuluTrade among all have made available and even downloadable the total list of operations performed by the trader, because, beyond any other parameter, these are the elements with which an investor can really, if he wishes, deepen the study.

    Did you know that thanks to Social Trading you don't have to be a Trader to earn like one? The first thing to note is the ability to change the time frame.

    Kojack ist der ID-Check und Etoro Tutorial bestГtigt man Etoro Tutorial Kundenkonto. - Infos zu den eToro Anleitung & Tipps:

    Rein praktisch gesehen ist es vor allem der erste Schritt, der einen recht hohen Zeitaufwand erfordert.


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